Dinner at the Bullock House

So after a full day at the National Infantry Museum we drove out to historic Warm Springs, GA to have dinner at the Bullock House.  Its a bit of a local highlight around here and they are best known for their pulley-bones.  Pulley-bones are the tender parts of the chicken breast around the wish bone. […]

Follow Me!

Yesterday we went out the National Infantry Museum.  If you ever have the chance to visit the museum you really should.  It was an exceptional tribute to the men and women of the US Army Infantry.  The building itself is amazing and the first thing you notice as you pull up is that Iron Mike […]

On the road again…

Well almost – again.  We’re leaving the house in the next 15 to hit the road to the airport.  Back on the plane again I guess.  Heading off from KC to Atlanta.  Tried booking the shuttle down to Columbus last night but they wouldn’t take reservations ATL to CSG online.  So, anyways, we hit the […]

God Bless America!

Yes folks we are back on US soil!!!  We landed more than an HOUR early, the flight crew on United was very helpful and overly accommodating to Sydney, the customs officers were polite and even conversational.  People waited in lines patiently, spoke to us in a friendly way, and asked if we needed any help!  This is […]