A Bountiful Harvest…

Yeah, I know, we really do rock.  So much so that even our garden rocks.  And not in the English sense which would mean our awesome soon to be flower filled yard but in the ‘wow you grew that in YOUR garden’ sense.  A garden?  In Kuwait?  Again, I know you’re thinking its not possible but through […]

Green in Kuwait?

So I’ve been working on putting together a land deal to help support a team of American contractors who were looking to put in a bid in response to a recent DLA solicitation.  They need a pretty good hunk f land so I’ve been running around town trying to find them a spot that would […]

An evening at the theater…

Last Friday night Sydney put on a complete production for us.  There was music, interpretive dance, more costume changes than your average Broadway show, and quite a bit of audience participation – to include a rating sheet for each of the numbers.  While these pictures and mere words won’t give you a full and clear […]

Syd’s First Filling

Well folks we had a fairly momentous occasion last Tuesday.  That afternoon after school we all three headed over to the Basam Dental Clinic for what I would have assumed to be the first of many traumatic experiences for poor Syd.   I say this because I grew up with Army dentists in rural America […]