She’s gotta DANCE!

So we’re finally through this year’s dance extravaganza.  These things seem to get more and more involved every year.  This year there were four shows over two days which wouldn’t be that big a deal except the MGW of a dance studio that runs this little operation insists that you have to purchase a ticket […]

Happy Birthday… to me!

So today was my B-day!  It was quite awesome, nay, lengen… wait for it… dary!  Sydney made me a Birthday banner that was at least twice as tall as she is – hand decorated and personally designed.  There was a table full of presents – part of which included the first pieces in the new […]

Happy Birthday!!!

Not to me – that’s tomorrow for anyone counting.  Today is my momma’s birthday.  Sydney and Anita took me out for my birthday dinner today since there was a school holiday but we called to sing Happy Birthday to mom in the middle of the Avenues – Sydney did a dance – it was quite […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Yes, today’s the day.  We called last night so Mimi could watch last night’s performance of what is becoming our weekly evening at the theater showing the always fresh and exciting Sydney Godwin Experience.  I’m pretty sure mom and dad are having a bit of lunch right now as I just called to say hello […]