Say NO! to Obamacare…

I know that there is at least one other American out there in Kuwait who reads some of my rantings.  I’m hoping that there might be two or three.  If you’re out there and not a socialist I strongly urge you to click on Uncle Sam over there.  by doing so he’ll take you to […]

Fire at Animal Friends

Most of the small herd of animals the reside with us came from the Animal Friends League of Kuwait.  They’re a great group that really believes in helping animals.  At the end of last week they had a fire in their main facility and need help.  Everything below is directly from their email on the […]

Old School Kuwait

A friend of mine has a stash of 40-50 year old National Geographic magazines.  She’s been going through them and scanning some of the smaller stories.  While doing so she came across an article from May 1969 about Kuwait.  It is really an interesting read.  It talks about night clubs and palaces which no longer […]

And the winner is…

Yes, it looks like I’m going to have to post on the Oscars of all things.  Yes, a bit frilly maybe, but I do have an angle.  As you may or may not know this year’s best picture award went to The Hurt Locker.  I watched the movie, its not bad, I personally think that […]

We the People…

Well since I’m on the soapbox already (see my last post) I figured why not throw this one out there too.  My sister’s Godfather sent me the link to the video below.  Uncle Chuck spent a career in service to our country and obviously feels, like I do, that the foundations of the country he […]