Stupid b!tches can really floatsome…

Last night was game night over at the B’s.  Dawn whipped up a LEGEN… wait for it… DARY lasagna.  Complete with a mozzarella and tomato app and fire roasted garlic bread.  I was sick full before the games even started!  After dinner we broke out “Loaded Questions” which is a great little party game where one play […]

The Brownie Promise

Well it’s official folks – our little Rainbow is now a full fledged Brownie.  Along with three other girls last night Sydney took the Brownie Promise and was ceremoniously granted her sash.  It was awesome.  She was presented by Emma Pearson (the daughter of her Reception teacher – Mrs. Pearson) and first had to formally […]

TES Sports Day 2010!

So today was the year 1/year 2 sports day at school.  This is the annual spring track and field meet and includes seven different events – a straight sprint, egg carry race, obstacle course race, basketball shootout, bean bag toss, standing long jump, and a ‘javelin’ throw.  In the foot races the students competed individually […]

Sassy Gay Friend

Apparently the great tragedies of history could’ve been avoided had the major players had their own Sassy Gay Friend.  It also seems that celebrity gossip blogs (that Anita trolls through daily) have much funnier stuff on them than my tech blogs do since Anita has found another good one.  There are a series of very […]

Unite or die…

Folks, I hope both of you are listening to me.  The vote on Sunday is the turning point.  Either liberty will stand and enough of our elected officials will perform the job they were put in place to do or healthcare will pass and liberty will die.  Dramatic?  Maybe.  You tell me when the govt. […]

Your US tax dollars at work…

So apparently the US Department of State is sponsoring a US University Fair over here in Salmiya.  The fair is actually tonight between 6PM and 9PM and for more info you can email  Now, I went to a service academy – The Academy (despite what my misguided west pointer friend may think) – so […]

Week in review…

This this was a busy week for us.  Sydney made the swim team.  We went the Friends of Girl-Guiding (FOG) cocktail party at the British Embassy – Dawn and Ryan came with since Anita had to work so I didn’t have to squint at the English folks all night trying to figure out what they […]