Math Rocks!!!

So we’ve been having some issues with Math at school.  First of all there is the bizarro-land grading methodology that the silly English folks seem to use.  As best as I can tell they seems to grade on a curve GLOBALLY.  Which is completely useless and detrimental to those at the top of the range […]

Best school Valentine’s EVER!!!

So, yeah, we’re big believers in the “If you’re not first, you’re last” philosophy.  A more recent adaptation of “Go big or go home” if you will.  That being said, this generally translates into most things our lives.  The “Beach House” (those of you in the know, know), Christmas decorations, cornucopias, etc. etc.  The most […]

Cookie Monster…

You should really read the title of the post in your best Cookie Monster voice – it’s much more impressive that way.  So really what I’m doing here is stealing a post from my sister’s blog but if there are any other non-Godwins reading this you should really head over to Meg’s site and check […]